Path of Exile Announces New Expansion and Return of Royale Mode

Dungeon Clearing And Monster Slaying

Path of Exile has become a staple in the ARPG genre since its release and has consistently received expansions and content updates to keep the game fresh and fans happy. Today, Grinding Gear Games has announced its latest expansion, Path of Exiles: Expedition. Path of Exiles: Expedition will be available on PC and Mac on 23rd July 2021 and on PlayStation and Xbox on 28th July 2021. This expansion will bring massive balance changes, expedition challenge league, new NPC traders and much more.

In Path of Exile: Expedition, players must unearth the past as the Kalguur are using their explosives to disrupt settlements of their ancestors. Players must use their skills and abilities to tactically and strategically defeat the undead that rise from the grounds. In doing so, rewards of valuable treasure and mysterious remnants of the Kalguuran settlement are waiting to be found. Once players retrieve the artifacts from the sites, they can trade them with Kalguuran merchants who are desperate for them leading to unique trading experiences such as gambling, bartering, upselling or exchanging.

Alongside expeditions, the developers have endeavored to adjust Path of Exile’s metagame by introducing new playstyles and changing familiar builds to keep them fun. In doing so, the company has created nineteen new skill and support gems for each Ascendancy class.

Besides the content coming in the expansion, the company is happy to announce the return of Path of Exile: Royale, due to fan pressure! Path of Exile’s battle royale mode was intended to be short lived, however, as the community wanted it back, the company is ready to relaunch it with new features and a separate balancing system from the core game. Path of Exile: Royale is available on PC for two days and will be available every weekend for the entirety of the Expedition League.

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