Madden NFL 22 Gear And Roster Upgrade Ensures Authenticity

EA Sports Have Divulged Further Information On NFL 22’s Rating System, Gear and More

As video games vie to mirror real life experiences, the sports simulator genre is probably the closest. In their latest development update, EA Sports have reassured fans that Madden NFL 22 will be true to life and they are doing so with upgrades to the rating system, roster and equipment.

Madden NFL 22 will release on August 20th, 2021 on the PlayStation 5, PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Xbox Series X/S and PC. Stars, Patrick Mahomes, and Tom Brady don this year’s cover.

Besides the mouthpieces which were introduced in NFL 21, this year’s iteration will provide primary and secondary team colors across all supported game modes. Furthermore, a specific request has been fulfilled as NFL 22 will offer fully functional sock height customization, including striped socks. There will also be a wide variety of tapes available and new smoked and dark Oakley visors.

In terms of helmets, eight new versions have been added that are worn by athletes themselves including a few from Speedflex, Revospeed Robot Cage, Xenith Prowl and Vicis Kicker. Both Nike and Adidas cleats and gloves have been added to the game.

As NFL 22 maintains player likeness, the company has scanned the heads of hundreds of players, and will continue to do so as the pandemic’s restrictions become less of a hurdle. Furthermore, over one-hundred generic heads have been scanned for players to use in Create-A-Player mode. Some of the current scanned players include Trevor Lawrence, Darnell Savage, Mark Andrews and Antonio Gibson.

In NFL 22, player’s ratings will be more accurate as the company will be using real-life data from the NFL as well as weekly statistics. In summary, using real-life data, actual game footage and next-gen stats data, NFL 22 will be able to provide better Speed and Acceleration ratings.

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SOURCE: Press Release