Dark Pictures: The Devil in Me Logo Leaked in Trademark

Just Call Me Devil of the Morning

It appears that the next installment in The Dark Pictures Anthology has been found out. Developer Supermassive has trademarked “The Dark Pictures: The Devil in Me.” As you may be aware, Supermassive and publisher Bandai Namco have signed an eight-installment deal for The Dark Pictures, so that means that there will be at least five more games after House of Ashes (pending and alterations). The trademark also shows us the logo for The Devil in Me, which appears to have a compass on it. You know, that thing in all our math kits in school that we all used to measure a radius we didn’t know how to calculate—that one.

Unlike Man of Medan, Little Hope, and House of Ashes, which each had an actor’s face in the game art, The Devil in Me does not, though Supermassive may have just not yet made their game art. The use of the compass in the logo is interesting. Fans can only speculate what significance it has, but we can look to the previous games for patterns. These games take place all over the world (e.g., New England, Iraq, Indonesia), and all are the subject of supernatural occurrences so that we can expect something similar from The Devil in Me.

The trademark for The Devil in Me was filed just within the last week, so who knows when we can expect the game to come out. The series does seem to crank out one game every year, so hopefully, we will be seeing Dark Pictures: The Devil in Me sometime in 2022. We may also see a teaser for it in House of Ashes. Dark Pictures: House of Ashes will be coming out on October 12th for PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X|S. Fans can also get the Dark Pictures Anthology Triple Pack on the same day.

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