Animal Crossing: New Horizons Lives As New Updates Announced

Time To Visit Your Animal Companions

It is safe to say that Nintendo had a hit with Animal Crossing: New Horizons as the game has sold over 35 million units. The game launched at the perfect time as lockdowns really started to take place as the world dealt with COVID-19 and proved to be the perfect comfort game for many. The player can relax and focus on building a strong community with fun, adorable animal companions.

I, at least, also stopped playing it, but now seems to be the perfect time to get back into the game as Nintendo has announced that new updates are on the way! What are they? Nintendo didn’t specify, but it is good to know that the game isn’t dead just yet. Although, Animal Crossing: New Horizons living and helping people through the pandemic and then dying as the vaccine roles out and places start opening up again would be quite poetic.

Nintendo promised fans that they have more updates that should be out this year, so it is unlikely we will have much of a wait before getting some more specific information. This is a promising development for those who have remained active with the game and will hopefully encourage those who dropped it to pick it back up again.

If I pick it back up again, I will probably have to do a bit of cleaning. It has been several months since I’ve played the game. I assume the villages think I died in my house, and they are too scared to check for sure. What would these updates have to be to keep you engaged? Do you think they will be enough to bring you back if you stopped playing? Let us know down in the comments, or hit us up on Twitter or Facebook.

Source: Twitter