Voxel MMO Trove Is Now Available On Nintendo Switch

Pixel Perfect

Since its launch back in 2015, the voxel-graphic sandbox MMO Trove has amassed over 28 million players worldwide on PlayStation 4, PC and Xbox One. Now, developer Gamigo and publisher Trion Worlds have their eyes set on widening that audience with a worldwide launch on Nintendo Switch.

Trove has received fairly consistent updates from the developers since launch, including brand-new classes, new content, and even a full new game mode in the Delves expansion. However, it’s the community content focus that really sets Trive apart from the crowd – players can create their own items, weapons, dungeons and more, then submit them for addition to the game for use by all players. This high level of customization also allows players to develop unique new worlds – while most are randomised, private worlds can be fully designed and customized by their owners. However, it’s not all about crafting – there’s some mining in here, too! Trove supports a wide range of different playstyles, so if you’re not the most avid crafter you can set off into the depths of your world’s dark dungeons to prove your might and lay claim to the powerful armour and weapons that lie within.

Trove Heroes

By bringing Trove to the Nintendo Switch, the port’s developers Gamigo are allowing players a unique experience – Trove on the go! Gamigo are committed to keeping the Nintendo Switch updated with regular new content being released. Hopefully the Bard class will be one of the first features added – the class is available on PC, but has yet to make it to the other console ports.

In a stament about the port, Gamigo said “Trove prides itself in its dedicated community and player-driven content. The MMO offers a dynamic game world that supports endless creativity, and the Nintendo Switch is the ideal platform for taking Trove, as well as its fans, to a whole new level of creativity and collaboration.”

Trove is available now, for free, on the Nintendo eStore.