Sludge Life Gets Banned In Australia For… Everything

I Didn’t Choose the Sludge Life…

Devolver Digital has a history of very… specific games. While they all are very different, they do have one thing in common; they all have style. They have published the Serious Sam series, Enter/Exit the Gungeon, Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout, My Friend Pedro, Genital Jousting, and the Hotline Miami games, just to name a few. Another game of theirs, Sludge Life was initially released on the Epic Games Store in 2020, but was released on Steam and Nintendo Switch just a few days ago. Unfortunately, as per tradition, Devolver Digital and Australia butted heads over this game.

sludge life

Again, Sludge Life is very different from other Devolver Digital games, but it has a distinct style. It also has a pretty mature subject matter, which puts it in hot water with Australia. There are a ton of illegal activities for the player to take part in, from drug use to graffiti. Though we will not know exactly what it was that was a deal breaker for Australia, because it was entirely denied classification, meaning that they would not even go through the entire process of saying what exactly is wrong with it.

Thankfully, certification from the Australian Classifications Board is not required for PC games being sold on Steam or Epic Games Store. If you want to play Sludge Life in Australia, that’s where you go. The game was only denied certification on Nintendo Switch. Sludge Life is out now for PC and Nintendo Switch, and be sure to check out our review of Sludge Life.

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