Back 4 Blood PvP Reveal Takes Place Next Week

Skins vs Skin-Eaters

One of the biggest annual events in gaming is just around the corner. Studios, publishers, and other industry specialists are pooling their collective ventures for a huge showcases at events like E3 and Summer Game Fest, though because of the pandemic, they will be entirely digital this year. Still, judging from certain leaks, we can expect great things. One such showcase at Summer Game Fest that we are looking forward to is from Turtle Rock Studios, the makers of the upcoming spiritual successor of Left 4 Dead, Back 4 Blood. We have seen a lot of promising things over the past few months, but next week, we will hopefully see them show off some PvP gameplay.

Back 4 Blood Release Date

The Back 4 Blood showcase is taking place on June 13th, coincidentally when E3 kicks off. According to PlayStation Universe, we will be seeing the PvP reveal of Back 4 Blood. Left 4 Dead multiplayer is any indication of what we will see, it may be survivors versus infect, where players take on special infected types. However, recent teases from Turtle Rock Studios show a mutator/card system, where certain elements are changed. For instance there is a card that makes some headshots explode, damaging players around them. Another one turns the natural lighting off or forces players to shoot weak spots on the Ridden.

Who knows if that card system is a special co-op mode or if it is directed by the hand of an enemy player, like an asymmetrical multiplayer game. We will soon find out on June 13th at the Summer Game Fest. Back 4 Blood is expected to launch on October 12th for PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X|S.

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