Sacrifice Your Friends is Mario Party Meets Cthulhu

The Party Game Where You Can Summon Cthulhu

Lovecraftian horror, also known as cosmic horror, is notorious for being one of the hardest genres to capture in the video game medium. Though there are plenty of games that do Lovecraftian horror justice, there are many more titles that just don’t capture the terror of things man was not meant to know. Sacrifice Your Friends doesn’t look particularly terrifying, but then, it’s not trying to scare you. This 1-4 player party brawler is trying to give you and your friends a variety of fun, Lovecraft-themed, dynamic arenas to navigate while trying to sacrifice each other to the Old Ones, and frankly, that sounds pretty great in its own right. Take a look at this deceptively cheerful trailer to learn more.

Players take on the role of adorable little ruthless cultists determined to sacrifice each other to adorable ‘little’ monsters including Cthulhu, monstrous tentacles, the fishmen of Innsmouth, and more creatures of the night taken straight from Lovecraft’s stories. Plug into the game’s local and online multiplayer and chase your friends around with an axe, avoid the laser beams shot by the Necronomicon, and navigate a stage made of floating boats actively under attack by huge sea monsters. There’s nothing like a dash of horror to make a party game truly funny.

Key features include:

  • Lovecraftian. Discover the mythos of legendary author H.P. Lovevcraft [sic].
  • Arena mode. Have at it with your friends in exciting arenas for 2 to 4 players.
  • Sheer madness. Embrace madness and unleash devastating powers by transforming into the mighty avatar of a Great Old One.
  • Locations. 16 unique dangerous arenas inspired by Lovecraft’s work.
  • Fun for everyone. With simple controls and goals, everyone can join in. We know: we had our mothers test it out.

sacrifice your friends cthulhu screenshot

Sacrifice Your Friends is currently in Early Access on PC. It will be released on Xbox One, Xbox Series S|X, and Nintendo Switch later in 2021.

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