Naughty Dog Celebrates The Last of Us Part 2 With New Abby Statue

Buff Girl Summer

The Last of Us Part 2 came out a year ago today. Though some aspects of the game have been polarizing among players, the game is largely regarded as an incredible experience and follow-up to the first game. It is certainly an achievement worthy of celebration. Dark Horse Direct, the crafter of fine video game statues and art, has made a new statue depicting the false protagonist of The Last of Us Part 2, Abby Anderson. She’s buff, she’s badass, and she’s brutal.

The Last of Us Part 2 Abby

Abby has suffered some terrible losses and done some pretty horrible things, especially to the characters that players have come to really like. To that end, she has become a rather controversial character among fans of The Last of Us. Some people may not want a statue of her, but just look at those triceps! This Abby statue stands at 14″ tall on a 10″ stand, holding a pistol in one hand and her hammer in the other. The statue is made out of polyresin, so it is a non-posable figure. This statue is available for $199.99, but customers will have to order theirs by July 30th. After that, they will ship between January and March of 2022.

Dark Horse Direct has also made and sold out two different Ellie statues since The Last of Us Part 2 came out. The Last of Us Part 2 is available now for PS4.

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