Watchdogs: Legion Roadmap Update: Content Drops and Delays

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Watchdogs: Legion, developed by Ubisoft Toronto and published by Ubisoft, released in 2020 as the third instalment in the Watchdogs series and as the sequel to Watchdogs 2. Watchdogs: Legion is set in dystopian London and follows Dedsec, a hacker syndicate, whose aim is to clear its name after false terrorism allegations. Dedsec’s other goals include liberating, protecting and helping London citizens against potential threats and violence. Watchdogs: Legion kept the core gameplay of the previous iterations including shooting, driving and stealth mechanics but also introduced a cool feature of multiple playable character system, where players could recruit any NPC found in the game. Following its launch in 2020 on various platforms, Watchdogs: Legion has been constantly updated by Ubisoft with major plans for the future. In March 2021, for example, co-operative multiplayer was added to the game wherein up to four players could complete missions together through the streets of London.


Following the most recent Title Update 4.0, the Watchdogs: Legion development team has been hard at work to bring more content for fans including quality of life changes. Ubisoft have announced that the next major update for the game is Title Update 4.5 which they are aiming to release on 1st June, only one week away! The release was originally slated for May, however the developers design to postpone it to ensure that there was sufficient time to provide the best possible experience, including fixing bugs and other quality of life changes. Furthermore, ‘performance mode’ will be coming to consoles and players will be able to play with their ‘console family’ meaning PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 5 and Xbox One and Xbox Series X/S can play with each other.

Due to the pushback, the Invasion and Extraction PVP modes will be moved to the August update to ensure the perfect PVP experience. Finally, the Bloodline Story DLC and Title Update 5.0 will be coming soon a ton of content including Aiden and Wrench being playable characters!

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