Teeing Off With ‘A Little Golf Journey’

Hole in One

Following Playtonic Games’ launch of publishing label Playtonic Friends, the Yooka-Laylee developers are teaming up with Okidokico for their third outing, the relaxed golf title A Little Golf Journey. Building off of Okidokico’s chart-topping mobile game OK Golf, A Little Golf Journey is being developed with the goal of stripping away the competitive elements of the game, instead allowing the player to embark on a chill, no-pressure journey around beautiful courses designed to be as relaxing as possible. Each course will feature secrets to be found, scenery to enjoy and a soothing soundtrack to allow you to enjoy a stress-free stroll around the greens.

Okidokico co-founder Charlie Goatley explained the design philosophy behind A Little Golf Journey: “With our previous title, OK Golf, we received so much feedback from players about how relaxing they found the experience but we really thought we could take that side of it further and that’s where the core ideas for A Little Golf Journey came from. We’ve removed all those stressful elements of a traditional round of golf and replaced them with beautiful imagery, a soothing soundtrack and a narrative adventure layer for those who want to seek it out. For us, it was all about creating a game we could truly escape into and get away from the pressures of daily life”.

Playtonic CEO Gavin Price described the game as the ‘’Anti-Souls-like’’, a game designed around taking your time, relaxing and enjoying a slow-paced journey free of any outside pressures or stress. With this design philosophy, it seems that A Little Gold Journey may be just the break from fast-paced AAA titles that gamers need.

While an official release date has not yet been announced, A Little Golf Journey is scheduled to launch on Nintendo Switch and PC this summer – just in time for a nice, sunlit stroll along the greens.