Smite Celebrates the Monstercat Battle Pass Launch With a Crab Rave Video

Titan Forge Games Knows What the People Want

The SMITE x Monstercat Battle Pass is now available and Smite players everywhere can buy it for a variety of Monstercat-themed goodies, including skins inspired by Monstercat artists, four of Monstercat’s hit songs, and the ability to launch dancing crabs into the air as fireworks. All these skins are absolutely fantastic, particularly Slushii Hades, which makes the Greek god of the underworld into a sharply-dressed DJ battling with turntables, and Sullivan King Gilgamesh, who looks positively divine, but Crab Rave Khepri blows everyone else out of the water. Why? Because it makes Crab Rave playable, thus fulfilling a dream we didn’t even know we had. Titan Forge Games clearly feels the same way, because they chose to celebrate the launch with a 1-minute-long video dedicated entirely to Crab Rave Khepri performing the Crab Rave dance. And it is awesome.

The original Crab Rave music video was posted on April 1st, 2018, as a fun April Fool’s Day joke by the electronic music label. It didn’t stay that way. The combination of Noisestorm’s playful beat and the visuals of an island full of crabs dancing and raving in the middle of the ocean led to Crab Rave becoming the meme we know and love today. Now, this instrumental song has made its way into Smite, complete with a dedicated skin that lets players do the dance themselves. Talk about a success story.

This video takes care to imitate the beats of the original, including an establishing shot of the island, showing the crabs scuttle out to the dance floor–er, beach–and being overwhelmingly positive and joyous. However, it does end on a bit of a sad note with Chef’s Special Khepri watching the rave sadly from a distance, unable to join the party. That’s one sad crab.

The Smite Monstercat Battle Pass is now available for purchase.

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