Smite Will Welcome Gilgamesh to the Roster This April

Two Thirds God, One Third Man, All Awesome

Smite’s representation of the Babylonian pantheon is expanding rapidly in Season 8. First, we saw Tiamat, the Goddess of the Salt Sea, a ruthless creator and destroyer goddess, become playable as a Mage with two stances. Now we’re witnessing another of this pantheon’s most famous names announce his arrival. Gilgamesh, King of Uruk, the star of quite possibly the first written heroic saga, will be arriving this April. The legendary seeker of immortality, slayer of giant divine creatures, and general badass will be classified as a Warrior and armed with a fiery scimitar. This intro cinematic shows off a glimpse of his kit, by which we mean it highlights him dropkicking an angry Tiamat in the face. Note: COGconnected does not recommend dropkicking dragons in the face in real life. Not even if you are also a legendary demigod.

Gilgamesh will be featured prominently in the new Talons of Tyranny event, which chronicles the influence of Tiamat’s awakening on the battleground of gods. The event brings with it three new gods, including Tiamat and Gilgamesh, plenty of new opportunities to earn gems, and some stunning new skins. Always wanted to see Japanese moon god Tsukuyomi as a 90s anime character? How about Egyptian sun god Ra as a weird little doodle? And if you’re really dedicated, you can unlock Forgotten Gods Chaac, the game’s newest Tier 5 skin, and witness the Mayan god of rain in a new and terrible glory. Completing Talons of Tyranny levels will also unlock rewards like Deathy Chibi Thanatos, who is absolutely adorable. God of death or no, we wish to hug him.

Talons of Tyranny will be 2021’s biggest Smite event yet, and we can’t wait to see the King of Uruk in action. Especially if we’re getting more of Tiamat in the bargain!

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