STALKER 2 Dev Highlights Video Drops as an Anniversary Gift

Fourteen Years After Shadow of Chernobyl Was Released, STALKER 2 Gets Its First Development Update Vid

It’s been a long, long time coming, but STALKER 2 is finally underway–and we can prove it. This detailed development update isn’t a new trailer, but it sure does pack a lot of information into just six minutes. The video begins with a look at the new costumes for the two opposing factions, the Freedom and the Duty, which include lovingly rendered and fantastically detailed survival gear. Every outfit features wear, tear, and stray threads, which really adds to the feeling of existing in a post-apocalyptic hellscape. The Zone is a hard place to live. It’d be weirder if everyone’s clothes were fresh off the rack. You can get a glimpse at the faces behind the gas masks, too, but the models are still a work in progress. GSC Game World promises that STALKER 2 will contain even more factions. No details yet, though.

The video goes on to show off some of the guns you’ll stumble across throughout the game–emphasis on ‘some’, because the arsenal will feature over thirty different weapons, with a ton of mods for each gun. Again, each weapon is lovingly detailed and lovingly scuffed up. If you’re a gun fan, you’ll definitely find a lot to love in this section of the update, because there are a lot of guns to look at.

Finally, the devs explain how they’re adding memorable details to the game through the use of their custom teeth tool. Yeah, you read that right–STALKER 2 will feature custom dental work for each character. Dental crowns, fillings, and missing teeth will bring life to each face. The press release states that “Each character in S.T.A.L.K.E.R. 2 will have a one-of-a-kind smile — or grin, to be precise.”

Talk about dedication to detail! The video ends with a promise that GSC Game World will share gameplay footage later this year. We’re looking forward to it.

STALKER 2 will be released for Xbox Series X|S and PC in 2021.

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