Photography Sim Umurangi Generation Coming To Switch

Also It’s Discounted On Steam!

Looking for a slightly dystopian game about taking pictures for cash on the Nintendo Switch? Well, perhaps Umurangi Generation will fill that extremely specific void in your gaming life. The Steam game, ostensibly about photography, is coming to the Nintendo Switch on June 5th. This is all part of Playism’s tenth anniversary event.

Umurangi Generation

If you’re unfamiliar with Umurangi, the game takes place in a crappy future of sorts. You take photos for fun and profit, using the cash to upgrade your lenses and other gear. If the curious central premise doesn’t hook you, maybe the aesthetics will? Every screenshot is crammed with colorful characters and fascinating locales. Perfect for taking a ton of photos, you know? Lots of games have a photo mode, but not many titles are actually about taking pictures. Between this game and the new Pokemon Snap, there’s a rich harvest of photo games on the Switch right now,

The game is at a 35% discount on Steam right now, in conjunction with Playism’s tenth anniversary. Other titles on sale include Tasomachi: Behind The Twilight, Record of Lodoss War -Deedlit in Wonder Labyrinth-, Kero Blaster, and Magical Battle Fiesta. You can check out the whole weird catalog right here.