WWE 2K22 Reveal Trailer Shown at WrestleMania 37


2K has taken a year off from the WWE 2K games. 2K20 was not a good game for wrestling fans, who were instead treated to an arcade wrestler WWE 2K Battlegrounds. A year later, we can look back at our mistakes. We all made games we didn’t mean to. We all screwed up at some point, but hopefully now we can start up fresh with a new game. Last night, at WrestleMania 37, WWE 2K22 was announced and fans were given a taste with a reveal trailer. It features the iconic cruiserweight athlete Rey Mysterio.

WWE 2K22

The trailer is short, and probably is not exactly reflective of what the final product will be, but it even if this is the level of quality the cinematics are getting, that is a big improvement on the last couple of titles. Blink and you’ll miss it, but there are a few seconds of gameplay footage where Rey Mysterio hits Cesaro with his iconic 619 move between the ropes. The trailer ends with this year’s tagline “It hits different.” Well, it damn well better. We remember how 2K20 hit.

The reveal of this game is in stark contrast to how WWE 2K20 was revealed with a live-action commercial, where coverstars Becky Lynch and Roman Reigns were featured. If there is a pattern to be seen here, it might be that WWE 2K22 could have Rey Mysterio on the cover of the game. Hopefully, taking a year off from the wrestling sim style of game has been beneficial for the development team and fans. We are sure to be shown more of this game in good time.

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