WWE 2K20 Trailer Leaks with Release Date and Possible Cover

Featuring Becky Lynch and Roman Reigns

Making a big and premature entrance, the trailer for WWE 2K20 was leaked a little early today. It seems this is the week for trailers being released early. About a week ago, it was teased that information regarding this game would be revealed tomorrow, August 5th. It is most likely that it would have been this WWE 2K20 trailer and cover would be released officially and/or pre-ordering would be available. The lesson is, don’t sit on your secrets too long, brother.

WWE 2K20 Trailer

The trailer starts at a classy, sophisticated party of wrestlers. It is held at a mansion with a classical band playing, h’orderves and champagne being served, and a dress code of tuxedos. The most notable wrestlers attending the party include Hulk Hogan and Stone Cold Steven Austin. There are even paintings on the wall featuring late all-star wrestlers like Andre the Giant and Macho Man Randy Savage. Suddenly, skylight breaks and someone drops into the party. Every crowds around the debris, checking out who crashed their party. Becky Lynch stands up wearing a tuxedo t-shirt, leather pants and jacket. She walks through the crowd, grabbing an h’orderve, and taking a bite. She approaches Hulk Hogan says, “Sorry about your ceiling,” and drops the rest of the h’orderve in his drink. Then she walks up to Roman Reigns. He hands her a glass of champagne, says, “Nice work, man,” and they clink glasses.

The trailer cuts to a quick sequence of in-game footage with Roman Reigns and Becky Lynch wrestling various opponents. The trailer ends with the two standing underneath the WWE 2K20 logo and the release date October 22nd. So, the surprise may be ruined, but here’s an even bigger shock: wrestling isn’t real.

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Source: YouTube