Super Seducer Games Have Been Shot Down By Nintendo

Maybe Barking Up the Wrong Tree

It has not been a good month for Super Seducer. It’s been a bad year for pick-up artists. Hell, it’s been a bad year in general. Last month, things were heating up between Super Seducer creator Richard La Ruina and Valve… and not in a good way. While trying to get Valve to certify Super Seducer 3 for Steam, La Ruina received an email that stated they would not be reviewing any future builds of the game. A few weeks later, it also appears that hopes for any ports for Super Seducer games on Nintendo Switch have been dashed.

Super Seducer 3

For a long time, Nintendo has been known as the family friendly company, though they have been known to allow mature games on their platforms. Nintendo Switch has housed many mature games compared to past Nintendo consoles. Still, even to La Ruina, Nintendo’s denial of the Super Seducer games is not surprising. There were plans to get Super Seducer and Super Seducer 2 on the Switch if they had the appropriate ratings, but those plans fell through. The controversies surrounding the games on Steam are being considered possible factors in Nintendo’s decision.

Controversy with adult content is not always the worst thing that can happen to a game. It often generates more attention and sometimes creative people can find ways to benefit from it. Though Super Seducer 3 was denied by Steam, it is on GamesPlanet as the Uncensored/Banned Edition. The Super Seducer games are available on PC through various retailers.

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