Neo: The World Ends With You Officially Confirmed to Be a Sequel

TWEWY 2 is a Sequel to the TWEWY Anime, Not the Original Game

Some games are practically begging for a sequel, a reboot, or any form of continuation available. Others are pretty complete on their own. The World Ends With You, the cult Nintendo DS hit from 2007, is one of those games that can stand alone, so the upcoming sequel has us thinking hard. Announced thirteen years after the first game, what is Neo: The World Ends With You supposed to be, exactly? The answer is pretty straightforward: it’s a sequel to the TWEWY anime, which was also announced in 2020. Yes, that means we all need to watch the anime to make sure we know where Neo: TWEWY is starting from, but let’s be real, we were planning to do that anyway. Just look at this trailer. How could we not watch it?

That’s right. The anime hasn’t even aired yet, but the director of Neo TWEWY, Tatsuya Kando, has confirmed that the game is a “direct sequel to the The World Ends With You The Animation anime and set three years after it.”

This is an interesting statement because it implies that the TWEWY anime will introduce elements not included in the original game or any of its remakes. It might even shuffle the story beats and characterization around, though hopefully not too much. We already know that Sho Minamimoto, the mad mathematician, will be making his grand entrance as a playable character in Neo: TWEWY despite having been assumed dead in the first game. That said, the remakes have made sure there’s plenty of room for interpretation on his ultimate fate, so the full explanation may be in Neo: TWEWY rather than the anime. Either way, we’re excited to see what’s in store.

Neo: The World Ends With You is coming Summer 2021 on PS4 and Switch. Tetsuya Nomura has announced on Twitter that new information on the game will be published on April 9, at 15 JST–that’s 2 AM ET and 11 PM PT.

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