Mortal Kombat Movie’s Theme Is a Dance-y Remix of the Original

Klub Musik

The new Mortal Kombat movie will be hitting theatres this week. It is promising to be the bloody and violent film worthy the games’ legacy. There are many iconic elements to Mortal Kombat, like the characters and the visceral Fatalities, but something else that makes the series so memorable is theme song. The titular track Mortal Kombat by The Immortals is perhaps one of the most recognizable songs in video game culture. As much as fans would have liked this theme song in the Mortal Kombat movie reboot, there is instead an updated version called Techno Syndrome 2021 by Benjamin Wallfisch.

Mortal Kombat Movie

It is not exactly a remix per se, but it is clearly an homage. The main melody is the same, but the beats have more of an EDM feel. The original uses sound effects from the game, like punch sounds, but they are absent from the new one. The ever-present announcer is also a little different. The sound off of all the characters has been redone to reflect the cast of the movie, as well. Techno Syndrome 2021 also has elements used in a lot of modern EDM tracks like dubstep breakdowns and drops.

Of course, it wouldn’t be acceptable without the classic “MORTAL KOMBAT!” battle cry. It’s in there, but it is used more sparingly. Your ol’ pal Zane thinks this is a bumping track, so hopefully it will be used during some of the fight scenes in the new movie. Mortal Kombat will be in theatres starting on April 16th.

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