Life Is Strange: True Colors DLC Will Focus on Steph

On the Same Wavelength

Life Is Strange: True Colors is expected to come out in September and hopefully there will not be such large gaps between episode releases this time around. The first episode is not even out, but we are already hearing about DLC for this game. If you played Life Is Strange: Before the Storm, you may have recognized Steph Gingrich in the Life Is Strange: True Colors trailer. She was a fan favorite character in Before the Storm as Blackwell Academy’s out and proud Dungeon Master. She will also be in the upcoming game and be the focus of its DLC.

Life Is Strange: True Colors DLC

Wavelength is the name of True Colors’ DLC, which you can get with the Deluxe or Ultimate Edition. Players will take on the role of Steph Gingrich, who is a resident of Haven and the new host of KRCT radio station. We do not know too much about the nature of this DLC other than the description from Steam: “Step into Steph’s booth as the all-new radio show host for KRCT: Haven’s best – and only – radio station. Over four seasons, discover more about Steph’s past and her relationships as she makes her mark on the record store, uncovers its secrets – and decides her future.”

Wavelength will not likely be an extensive story or play any major part in the overall narrative of True Colors. If we look at Life Is Strange: Before the Storm, that game had a bonus episode called Farewell, which delved deeper into the friendship between Chloe and Max. I imagine that Wavelength will offer a similar experience to that. Life Is Strange: True Colors is expected to launch on September 10th for PC, Stadia, PS4, PS5, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X|S.

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