Lady Dimitrescu is Continuing Resident Evil’s Scariest Legacy

As if She Wasn’t Scary Enough

Resident Evil: Village hasn’t even released yet, but one of the villains, Lady Alcina Dimitrescu, has already ascended to the iconic status only reached by a handful of the series’ villains so far, like Mr X, William Birkin, or Nemesis. As ferocious as she is beautiful, Lady Dimitrescu seemingly acts as the second in command to the game’s big bad, Mother Miranda, but it looks like she’ll be carrying on one of the series’ greatest traditions as a Stalker.

In Resident Evil a stalker, as the name implies, is a villain that actively hunts the player, rather than appearing purely in scripted encounters or specific locations. Of course, some of the franchise’s greatest scares have come from scripted encounters – like the infamous first appearance of the cerberus in the original game – but there’s something uniquely disturbing about never knowing when an attack is coming.

Past stalkers in the franchise include Mr X, Nemesis, Jack Baker, each of which, like Lady Dimitrescu, combine scripted encounters with dynamic movement, so you can be sure that Dimitrescu will make a habit of turning up at the worst possible moments.

Unfortunately, it looks like she’ll be borrowing a page from several previous stalkers by only appearing in certain locations – in this case, the Castle. We don’t know at this point how big a part the castle will have to play in the game, but it’s worth noting that Dimitrescu has only been shown within its walls in the trailers, apart from a mysterious cavern which could easily be found within it. Are we going to see less of Dimitresci than we could have hoped for?

Still, we’ve had a glimpse of Dimitrescu as a stalker in the clip above, and it looks like her outer beauty won’t stop her from being an intimidating presence. Half the internet might want her to step on them, but being stabbed by her claws is a different matter entirely.

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