ICYMI: Pixel Art Dungeon Crawler Lost Ruins Hits PC This May

Schoolgirls Fighting Horrible Monsters, You Say?

If you’ve only just retrieved your smartphone from the Tombs of Atuin, worry not! I’m here to catch you up with the news you might have missed. Like the release date for Lost Ruins, a pixel art dungeon delver hitting the PC on May 13th. How a sidescroller about one schoolgirl battling an endless cavalcade of horrors evaded my scans until now is beyond me!

Lost Ruins

Lost Ruins stars the aforementioned high school(?) student waking up in this pixelated hellworld with nary a memory to her name. Guided by a magical benefactor named Beatrice, she must battle her way through this haunted nightmare in order to escape and maybe graduate at some point. Let’s hope she can learn to wield a broadsword in very short order.

The trailer, embedded below, features a a wide variety of screen-filling bosses and gorgeous spell effects. It seems like you’ll need to use every tool and terrifying spell you drudge up in order to survive. It’s hard to get a good grip on the difficulty from the trailer alone, but the art style and design influences suggest it will be pretty tough. Lost Ruins is coming to the PC on May 13th, with console versions coming sometime later in 2021.