Here’s What Was Announced in Today’s Resident Evil Showcase

Mercenaries, Crossovers, and Remakes, Oh My!

Today’s Resident Evil showcase may have been the biggest yet, and more proof that the series is set on making the 25th anniversary as massive as possible, and we’re not just talking about Lady Dimitrescu.

First of all, perhaps the most disappointing reveal. There is a Resident Evil 4 Remake on the way… for Oculus Quest 2. There’s no word yet on whether we’ll see the remake crossing over onto other platforms.

Speaking of crossovers, Capcom used the showcase to announce perhaps its biggest crossover yet, a crossover with the multiplayer horror game Dead by Daylight. Unfortunately, we don’t know whether this will come with a new map, but let’s face it – Resident Evil is the home of some of the most iconic locations in gaming history, from the Spencer Mansion to the Raccoon Police Department.

What else don’t we know about the crossover? Well, basically everything. There’s no killer or survivors announced in the short trailer, but if we assume that the hooked survivor is from the series, three obvious names stick out – Leon, Chris, and Ethan. We could also see – for only the second time – multiple survivors, with Jill or Claire coming along for the ride. As for the killer, don’t hold out hopes for a licker – an iconic, bipedal villain like Mr X, Nemesis, or even Lady Dimitrescu is more likely.

We’ll get more news about the crossover at the next Showcase next month, but expect the new chapter in June.

We finally got our first detailed look at Resident Evil: Infinite Darkness, and it looks like the government still haven’t learned their lesson about inviting Leon into the White House, as it’s the stage for yet another zombie outbreak – but let’s face it, Resident Evil 6 being retconned out of existence wouldn’t be the worst thing to happen to the franchise, especially since it’s been all but ignored in later games.

Mercenaries is making a welcome return to the franchise. The popular mode has players fighting waves of monsters to rack up high scores and unlock new characters, although it’s taken some new steps. For one thing it maintains the first-person perspective of Village proper, but also lets you shop and upgrade between areas, as well as gain new abilities as you traverse the village.

We got more news on the demo, but there’s a twist. The demo is coming to all platforms on May 1 – six days before the official release date, and get to explore the setting for an hour. PlayStation players are in luck, though, since they’ll get to experience the demo early, with one part being available from 5PM ET on April 17th until 4AM on April 18th, and the other being available from 5PM ET on April 25th until 4AM on April 26th. Time’s tight, but luckily you can preload the demo now to avoid missing the chance to play the game early.

Finally, we got a new trailer for Village, and it’s filled with enough content and tidbits for an article all of its own.

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