Genshin Impact Getting PS5 Support This Month

That And The 1.5 Update Both Launch April 28th

This news has felt inevitable since November, but here we are! Genshin Impact is getting proper PS5 support on April 28th! Oh and also version 1.5 is coming out for all platforms on the same day. So if you’ve been holding out on playing this game for some reason, the time to start will be very soon!

Genshin Impact Rosaria

The PS5 version will feature 4K resolution, enhanced textures, and faster loading times. Meanwhile the 1.5 update, also known as Beneath the Light of Jadeite, is bringing a whole bunch of new content. We’re talking new events, new enemies, and two new playable characters. Eula, the Spindrift Knight, and Yanfei, the ummm, the legal advisor. Such variety!

On top of all that, the 1.5 update lets players build their own home inside a pocket dimension. Okay so the ‘home’ is more like an entire sleepy little village. It’s unclear exactly how much customization is in store, but the Serenitea Pot pocket dimension looks like a substantial time investment- if you’re looking for one. As always, the whole dang game is free to play, barring the usual gacha game predators lurking around the edges. You can check out a lengthy trailer for the new content embedded below.