Explore the World of Biomutant in This New Trailer

Prepare For Your Adventure

For a long time, you could be forgiven for thinking Biomutant would never come out. Now we’re just over a month away from the release date, and while the game has flown under the radar compared to some of next month’s sexier releases – like Resident Evil: Village or Mass Effect: Legendary Edition, there’s still a lot to be excited for from THQ Nordic’s game, not least the gorgeous world showcased in the new trailer.

The trailer is low on action, but heavy on exploration. We see the customizable protagonist exploring a variety of gorgeously rendered vistas, from ruined towns to lush green valleys to the snowy tundra. We also get to see some of the hero’s gadgets on display, from the helipack to the speedboat to the mechs, including one shaped like a hand.

Sadly, we don’t get too much of a look at the heroes biological (or biomechanical) upgrades, but we do get to see them using their wings, which are just one of the ways you can customize the character. We also don’t get much of a look at the story. What we do know, so far, is that the game is set in a world that’s struck by a natural disaster, with mysterious oil coming from beneath the ground to destroy the tree of life. Your goal is to either heal the tree or destroy it, allying (or eliminating) the tribes who themselves either want to save the world, or destroy it. The game features a branching narrative, and if the trailer is anything to go by, this is a world that I, personally, want to save.

biomutant feature 2

Biomutant drops on May 25th. What would your dream mutations be? Let us know in the comments, on Twitter, or on Facebook.