Watch Dogs: Legion Multiplayer Delayed Indefinitely on PC

A Glitch in the Matrix

When you’re developing a game for consoles, you only have to work towards one set of specs. PC games get tricky because the specs can vary, so instead you’re working towards a minimum. Sure, some PC’s below that threshold may be able to play the game fine, but it’ll be at the expense of visual quality or performance.

True, a well-made gaming PC can still outplay any console, but it’s easier to avoid glitches if you only have to deal with one set of specs – which has caused issues with Watch Dogs Legion‘s multiplayer aspects, which have been delayed indefinitely for the PC.

Watch Dogs’ multiplayer aspects have always been a high point. Alongside the standard capture the flag and racing fare, the series has an invasion mode where you can invade another player’s game – or vice versa – and attempt to have them. This leads to a frantic game of hide and seek as you try to distract your opponent, hiding from them without letting them get too far away. Given that Legion has some of the series’ most over-the-top level design yet, it’s no surprise that multiplayer is something fans have been clamoring for.

Also announced is a delay to the mode on PlayStation, Xbox, and Stadia, although in these cases we’re given a date of March 23rd for the release – just over two short weeks away.

The delay is no doubt going to hit a raw nerve with some PC gamers who were looking forward to bringing the carnage to multiplayer, but the team at Ubisoft reassure fans that they’re working to get the issue resolved as quickly as possible.

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