Tsushima City Launches Website for Ghost of Tsushima Collaboration

Get to Know the Real Tsushima

The real-life island of Tsushima has declared two of Ghost of Tsushima’s developers as official tourism ambassadors for the city. The city will also be collaborating with Sony Interactive Entertainment on a new tourism initiative for the Tsushima City, and have already launched a new website for the collaboration.

ghost of tsushima

The site, lovingly called “Ghost of Real Tsushima” proudly displays the game’s logo and the “Tsushima City x Ghost of Tsushima” tagline.

Included on the website so far is an about section with the following description for the city, with a bit of an explanation on how the island has been affected by the release of the game.

“Tsushima is an actual island located at the northwestern tip of Japan. It is a place rich in nature and culture, with beautiful seas, forests that have been untouched by humanity since ancient times, mysterious mountains, venerable shrines and delicious foods.

It is also close to mainland Japan and was the first stage in the “Gen-ko” period which was the first Mongol invasion of Japan, a major event in early Japanese history. The details are not too well known to most people in Japan, but there was a history of people who tried to protect the island at the costs of many lives. More than 700 years after its history on July 17th 2020, “Ghost of Tsushima” attracted more attention to Tsushima from all over the world than any other time in history. On this website, you can become a real-world “Ghost Samurai” and explore Tsushima freely.”

It also features an interactive map marked with key locations from the game such as Komoda Beach and Kaneda Castle.

Think you know Tsushima already? Try your hand at the site’s quiz, asking questions about both the real-life location and the game.

There are also three videos on the site featuring the Mayor of Tsushima City – Hiroki Hitakatsu, Creative Director – Jason Connell, and the Japanese voice actor behind Jin Sakai – Daisuke Tsuji. It also includes a Q&A section detailing the award presented to the game’s developers.

While you may not be able to visit Tsushima in person due to current travel restrictions, you can definitely take a tour of the island and experience the inspirations behind the game by checking out the website right here.