SXSW Gaming Awards Winners Announced

Hades Takes The Top Spot

The SXSW Gaming Awards have been doled out, and winners have been announced! Would you be shocked to learn that Hades came out on top? Because I sure wasn’t! Supergiant’s smash hit also made huge waves on the award circuit, and rightly so. The rest of the winners shook out more or less how one would expect, with a surprise appearance by Deep Rock Galactic!

Hades was the big winner, taking home both Video Game of the Year and Excellence in Game Design. Deep Rock Galactic also snagged two awards, Indie Game of the Year and Excellence in Multiplayer. Half-Life: Alyx took the award for best VR game, while The Last of Us Part II won for Excellence in Narrative.

Other winners included Doom Eternal, Ori and the Will of the Wisps, Microsoft Flight Simulator, and Ghost of Tsushima. There were a total of 43 games nominated over 12 categories, and Hades managed to beat them all for the top spot. If you’ve spent any time with the game, you likely understand why. You can check out our review of Hades right here. We also talked about it for months on Press X to Podcast, especially during our own Game of The Year discussions. The game is excellent, is what we’re saying.

SOURCE: Press Release