Square Enix Are Teasing Life is Strange 3’s Heroine

Get Ready For Another Strange Adventure

News first dropped that we’re getting a reveal for the newest Life is Strange game last week, and Square Enix are doing their best to keep us interested before the official reveal, and now we’ve gotten our first glimpse of the new heroine.

The bad news? Well, the image doesn’t show us all that much. The image is from behind and the most we can say is that it’s a distinctly feminine silhouette. This means that regardless of the veracity of the claims that the new game will follow a telepathic Asian-American heroine, at least one aspect of the “leak” is accurate.

One aspect of the image that’s gaining a lot of attention is the character’s left arm, specifically around the hip. It’s hard to make out in the gloom but some are adamant that they can see the silhouette of a gun. While it could be that, it could also just be a rolled-up sleeve.

Life is Strange 2

The “gun” is leading some to theorize that the character is a police officer or detective of some kind, but I’m not convinced; the series so far has exclusively followed high school students, with the exception of Life is Strange 2 prequel The Adventures of Captain Spirit, and it’d be strange for them to abandon this market entirely. The series may focus on “superheroes” – in the most mundane sense possible – but on a storytelling level they’ve tackled a lot of social issues such as police brutality, sexuality, and bullying – some of which hit especially close to home with a younger audience. However, if we are getting a mind-reading hero, a detective would be able to put those skills to good use.

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