PDXCON Remixed Will Be Held Online in May


Paradox Interactive’s annual event is coming back this year, but it should be no surprise that it will be entirely digital. After a tumultuous 2020 for in-person events, PDXCON Remixed will be streamed online for fans. Up until 2016, Paradox Interactive would invite gaming news outlets to cover an annual press event where they would make announcements for their games. Since then, they have made it a more interactive and open event. Paradox Interactive has released a short teaser with the event dates, but we do not know a whole lot of what to expect. There are clear demands from fans, however.

PDXCON Remixed

There are some instances of Paradox games making news recently, with an announcement of Crusader Kings 3 DLC, Surviving Mars DLC, and Empire of Sin coming to Xbox Game Pass, so maybe in a couple of months when PDXCON Remixed goes live, they will be able to expand on those things or have more announcements to share. On nearly all the Paradox forums and social media threads, fans are asking for “Vicky 3”. The Victoria franchise focuses on the management of an empire through economy, diplomacy, and warfare. There are two games out, but fans have been waiting 11 years for a new title.

We are also waiting on news of the highly anticipated Vampire: The Masquerade – Bloodlines 2, since its release has been a bit of a mystery, and there is also a battle royale set in The Masquerade universe as well, that will apparently be coming out this year. PDXCON Remixed will be taking place on May 21st to 23rd, when you will be able to watch it streamed live.

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