Skyward Sword HD Is Fixing One Divisive Feature

Get Your Weapons Out

Zelda and motion controls are, seemingly, a match made in heaven, but that’s far from the experience many players had with the original Skyward Sword. The game attempted to give players more control of their attacks than ever before, with the WiiMotion Plus peripheral supposedly tracking every movement perfectly. In practice, the WiiMotion Plus often proved too sensitive, and as a result the attempts at a more fluid and dynamic combat system often got tripped up by its own ambition.

Chronologically, Skyward Sword is the very first in the timeline, and sees this iteration of Link and Zelda inhabiting the floating islands of Skyloft, only to get embroiled in an adventure that draws them down to the surface. The game’s also a rarity for being one of the few not to feature Ganon, who traditionally acts as the third point of the triforce, Power. Instead, players face off against Ghirahim, who wants to free his ruler, Demise.

The motion controls are coming back for Skyward Sword HD (you didn’t really think Nintendo would drop the feature, did you?) but good news, in a new Facebook video the team behind the game confirm that the system is back, but that it’s being adapted to better suit the Joycon, with the intention of making the motion controls more fluid and dynamic than ever before.

Skyward Sword Switch

Of course, this comes with a caveat – and a major one, at that; the motion controls aren’t available on the Switch Lite, which only allows for handheld play. If you own a Switch Lite you’ll need to do without this feature, just like you won’t be able to make use of the limited edition joycons.

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