Resident Evil: Village is Twice as Big as Its Predecessor

Bigger Might Just Mean Better

We’ve talked a lot about Resident Evil: Village, and there’s a lot of reason to be excited. From the monstrous real-world inspiration to the fact that the game might just be open-world to the colossal Lady Dimitrescu, and it looks like a big lady needs a big home.

Resident Evil Village Lady Dimitrescu feature

In fact, according to the Microsoft Store, Resident Evil Village will need 50 GB of free space to download – twice the size of Resident Evil 7. This reads: Whereas Resident Evil 7 was mostly contained to a mansion and its surroundings, Village will up the ante with a larger explorable area. more creatures, and what looks to be a bigger, more ambitious story.

Of course, games can do a lot with so little memory these days; nobody was complaining about the quality of Resident Evil 7, after all. The game isn’t as big as, say, The Last of Us Part II’s massive 100 GB download size, but 50 gigs is nothing to sniff at.

Of course, there’s a caveat – the 50 gigs will be split between Resident Evil Village (35GB) and the multiplayer component Resident Evil: Re:Verse, which will take up 15 gigabytes. Re:Verse will pit you against up to five other players in five minute deathmatches – and dying will see you resurrect as one of the franchise’s signature bioweapons, like Nemesis or Jack Baker.

Does that mean that the game proper will be deceptively small? Well, we don’t know. At the very least it’s a safe assumption that it’ll be bigger than Resident Evil 7, but even with the alleged open world, we don’t quite know how big that will be. What we do know is that we’re getting the best looking, most advanced, and arguably most ambitious game in the series so far, so there’s a lot to look forward to when the game drops in May.

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