Resident Evil Reboot Gets a New Poster

Ready For a Bite?

The Resident Evil movie series may have only ended in 2016, but let’s face it, they had less and less to do with the games they were based on as they went on – and only the second movie had a story based on the games. The upcoming movie is looking to rectify that, taking inspiration from the first two games in the series – and bringing their monsters along for the ride, and now we have a poster to go along with the hype.

The new poster doesn’t reveal… well, anything about the movie, but it’s bound to get fans excited, showing the names of some of the game’s characters, whether iconic ones like Resident Evil 2‘s Ada Wong, Leon S. Kennedy, or Claire Redfield, or relatively obscure ones like Brad Vickers or Richard Aiken. What we do know is that it’ll definitely get tongues wagging about the possibilities; we already know that fan-favorite monster Lisa Trevor will be making an appearance, but it would be a shame to see Richard Aiken – a relatively minor character – turn up without seeing his death at the hand of Yawn – the giant snake that stalks the Arklay Mansion – especially given the character is seemingly given enough importance that not only is he featured on the poster, his actor is the one dropping it.

Of course, we don’t know a lot about the film, such as how long it’ll be – and there’s only so much they can fit into a movie, especially since we’re seeing two separate outbreaks. It might be tempting to set our hopes sky-high, but brace yourself for disappointment if you do – something’s got to give, especially with so much to do in so little time. It’s likely at least some footage will be cut from the final release, some storylines will be cut down, or that some of the big set-pieces we’re anticipating will be drastically scaled back.

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