Lady Dimitrescu Gets 1:1 Cutouts, is Still Tall

The Thirst is Real, and Coming to Stores

Let’s face it: at this point, a lot of people are as thirsty for Lady Dimitrescu as the aptly nicknamed “Tall Vampire Lady” is for Resident Evil Village hero Ethan Winters. The monstrous villain towers over even established Resident Evil juggernauts like Nemesis and Mr X at a whopping nine foot six, and the fact that she seemingly kidnaps Ethan’s daughter for the sake of an occult ritual, has an army of monsters at her disposal, and drinks wine fortified with blood hasn’t done anything to diminish her sex appeal.

Now, standees of Lady Dimitrescu have been popping up in stores ahead of the game’s release in May, and you know what? They really do put just how tall she is in perspective, coming just a few inches shy of touching the ceiling, with a person’s head coming roughly to her navel. Dimitrescu looks like she’ll have long legs and a long reach – all the better to chase you down and grab you from further than you’d expect, as if her bevy of supernatural powers wasn’t enough.

No word yet on whether you’ll be able to legitimately buy a standee of your own, but let’s face it – some will be taken home by workers at the stores in question looking for a unique conversation piece, and as the tweet says it’s likely others will end up on eBay, so if you’re looking for a unique conversation piece and don’t mind explaining to everyone who comes to visit why you have a cardboard cut-out of an insanely tall vampire lady in your home, it’s worth keeping an eye out in the coming months.

Resident Evil Village Lady Dimitrescu feature

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