Amazon Launches Game Studio in Montreal

Just Determined To Get This Games Thing Right

Amazon, in a burst of unstoppable optimism, has opened a brand new game development studio in Montreal. The studio is getting its start with several key members of the Rainbow Six Siege development team, including Alexandre Remy, Romain Rimokh, and Xavier Marquis. Montreal will be the fourth Amazon studio to commence operations in North America.

Amazon Crucible screenshot

The studio apparently has a AAA title already in the works! This is excellent news, as Amazon’s game department could really use a win. Normally allergic to failure of any sort, Amazon has had a tiny hiccup or two. Nova, Breakaway, Intensity, and Crucible all got cancelled before reaching full release. One of them even launched, was kicked back to closed beta, and then cancelled!

To be fair, Amazon Game Studios does have a long chain of mobile releases under its belt. It’s only been the big ticket AAA releases that have had all the problems. Hopefully wrangling in some experienced talent will help them break their recent streak of bad luck. If nothing else, everyone quoted in the press release ‘couldn’t be more excited‘ about the new studio’s future. Hopefully we hear more about this mysterious AAA game very soon.