Celebrate the Lunar New Year With Pac-Man Mega Tunnel Battle

Haven’t You Always Wanted to Put Pac-Man in a Little Hat?

Pac-Man is one of those iconic franchises that needs no introduction. We can all recognize that hungry little yellow semi-circle on sight, but can we still recognize him in an Elvis impersonator wig? Signs point to yes, but wow, is it funny. Pac-Man Mega Tunnel Battle is a Stadia timed exclusive which lets you play against up to 64 other players, invade their mazes to steal their stuff, and dress your hungry little semi-circle up in a ton of cute outfits. Even better, they’ve just announced a new DLC pack which adds a ton of new items to the game. Forget being the last Pac-Man standing–be the snazziest Pac-Man standing.

The new DLC pack available on Stadia includes 20 Lunar New Year and Galaga-themed accessories, 10 player icons, and 2 maze themes. Not bad for its £3.99 asking price. The press release reports that the accessories include “glasses, hats, and adorable animal outfits”, which is honestly just the best thing. Can you imagine Pac-Man in little ram horns or little tiger ears? We sure can, and it’s so cute we could just eat him up. And in a game where the spectators can vote on power-ups, cuteness is a valid tactic. All’s fair in love, war, and Pac-Man, we guess!

We just celebrated Pac-Man‘s 40th birthday with a variety of fun crossovers, an addition to the Comic-Con Museum Character Hall of Fame, and a perfect game of Pac-Man played live on Twitch. Where will the franchise go next? We don’t know, but fingers crossed that it involves more cute costumes for Pac-Man to wear. Or, better yet, the Ghosts. Ghost dress-up minigame! When will Bandai Namco give us what we really want?

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