Dead by Daylight’s New Chapter is Coming Soon, and it Might be a Doozy

Could This Be BHVR’s Masterpiece?

We knew it was coming. Dead by Daylight dropped its latest DLC chapter, A Binding of Kin, back in December, and while historically the releases have been slightly more erratic the game has kept to dropping new chapters in roughly three-month increments since 2019. If anything, the news is a little late – we usually get new killers in the first few days of March, so even an announcement later today would mean a mid-march release at the earliest.

It’s tempting to blame Covid, but it looks like there could be more to it than that – and we could be seeing the biggest, most ambitious chapter yet, as developers Behaviour have taken the unprecedented step to completely revamp the game’s twitter page to reflect the new chapter.

Now showing the title Magnum Opus (In other words, masterpiece) the page’s header has been replaced with the logo for Mightee One Entertainment, although we don’t quite know what that means as of yet. However, several clues (such as mysterious Korean hashtags and an outrageous stage costume) have led some to believe that the new chapter may be themed around K-Pop. Adding to the speculation is the official teaser video, which shows a short segment of audio being rewound. The new profile photo for the page also shows a silhouetted figure lit in pink and blue, which some sleuths say is reflective of the red and blue of South Korea’s flag.

Others are claiming that the new colors mean that the new survivor will be a part of the LGBT+ spectrum – with pink and blue both being key parts of both the trans and bisexual pride flags. This remains purely speculation, however it has come with some mixed responses, even from within the LGBT+ community. Unless other characters are revealed to be a part of the LGBT+ spectrum (at this point the game has 23 survivors, with this new survivor bringing the total to 24) this would still mean we waited five years for any representation at all, with some redditors concerned that the game will take what they see as a safe route, like Mass Effect before it, and utilize a female LGBT+ character so as to court diversity in a way that’s more about fetishization than representation, while limiting the possibility of alienating the (primarily straight) male audience.

As for the chapter itself, what can we expect? Well, this is just speculation, but the rewind makes me think we could be getting some killer who can manipulate time and/or space – perhaps they’ll be able to create loops and shortcuts around the map, or rewind their own actions or those of survivors? This would make the killer a force to be reckoned with. Either way, with leaks suggesting we’ll get a PTB as early as Tuesday, look forward to more news soon.

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