Steam Breaks 25 Million Concurrent Players for the First Time

Steam Exceeds 25 Million Concurrent Players

Steam has officially broken its concurrent player record this year, with over 25 million concurrent players logging into the PC platform on January 2nd. SteamDB has confirmed that Steam reached 25.4 million users on January 2nd, with 7.4 million players in-game at the time. The Steam Winter Sale was going on at the time, likely driving more traffic to the platform than usual. Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout, Doom Eternal, and Monster Hunter World are all Steam titles that reached platinum sales status just in time for this concurrent player record to be set.


“2021 is off to a good start for Steam, peaking at 25.4mil concurrent users. 7.4mil users were in-game at the time,” said the official SteamDB Twitter page. “The previous record of 24.8mil was set just a couple of weeks ago.” Considering Steam didn’t break its concurrent player record by too many players, it’s entirely possible that gamers will manage to outdo themselves again later this year or next year. The previous peek concurrent player count in 2020 occurred during April according to SteamDB’s numbers, while early 2020 saw the lowest numbers of the year.


According to SteamDB’s analytics of Steam’s concurrent players in 2020, the player count remained fairly stable between April and December before finally peeking on January 2nd, 2021. The Steam Winter Sale only recently ended on January 5th, so it’s likely that whatever gamers would’ve popped in to check it out are enjoying the games they purchased rather than browsing the client like 18 million players were when Steam set the new concurrent player record.

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