PS5 Controller Now Steam Compatible

A New Way to Game on Steam

PC gaming might have a lot of advantages compared to console gaming. Whether it’s a higher performance or the increased ease of streaming in a society more and more obsessed with it, there’s a reason that one of the oldest mediums to game is still thriving when so many others have gone under.

Still, ask a lot of console gamers and they’ll say that as much as they like these bonuses, they have difficulty with the mouse and keyboard. Gaming with a controller is more intuitive, at the expense of finer aim, and as anyone who’s ever switched keyboards or even models can attest to, it’s easy to press the wrong key – which could prove catastrophic if you’re gaming online.

Now, you can connect your PS5 controller with Steam. Whether you’re just looking to try out a PC exclusive game, like Phasmophobia, or just happen to have a gaming PC and prefer playing with a gamepad.

The bad news is that, while you can use the controller, the more innovative and acclaimed features, like haptic feedback and adaptive triggers. The PS5 as an input device is still currently in beta, and it’s worth noting that in the patch notes Steam say: “advanced features such as rumble, trackpad, and gyro are not yet supported.”

The operative word in that sentence is yet. While we’re not necessarily likely to see that feature implemented in the majority of Steam games, it’s possible that we’ll see support for, say, haptic feedback in either multi-platform games that use these features. It’s also possible that some developers will utilize these features in upcoming Steam games, although this is likely to depend on both the popularity of the feature (should it be implemented at all) and whether future Steam controllers have similar features. After all, Steam may not necessarily support the feature in first-party games if they can’t profit from it with their own controller sales.

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