dbrand Cancel PS5 Skin Pre-orders, Insulting Consumers

Looks Like Adding a New Skin is a Challenge in More Ways Than One

When we first saw the design for the PS5, many fans were confused. Gone was the standard, solid black that’s been the standard of every PlayStation console since the PS2 in 2000, replaced with a black and white combo that’s drawn as much criticism and joking as it has enthusiasm. Still, a lot of people are still looking for a primarily black console and, while Sony will likely release alternate colors in the future, the best hope for anyone unhappy with the current design will be to get a custom skin.


Or so we thought. We reported earlier that this month that customizemyplates.com had been forced to shut down after a lawsuit, and now it looks like another company – dbrand, which specializes in custom skins for all manner of tech – have stopped making the skins and canceled their orders – and announced this decision in a surprisingly crass Reddit post.

The post comes down to “it;s impossible to manufacture a skin that covers the PS5 entirely – which makes a certain amount of sense, given the unique, curved design of the console. Sad news? Sure, but acceptable. Things get worse, however, as they seemingly shift the blame to consumers for their refusal to further development and create a skin that will get the right look on people being unable to apply them properly.

“We’ve seen you a******s try to apply the corner of a smartphone skin. Trust us when we say you can’t handle an application that’s 9x the size. The truth here is that we have no interest in selling a product that will generate a dozen customer complaints for every purchase.”

“Look at it this way: we regularly weigh the possibility of discontinuing AirPods skins altogether… for no reason other than that you idiots can’t install them correctly. A “full coverage” PlayStation 5 skin would be like AirPods on steroids.”

As a Brit who’s never been to Wendy’s, I’m more familiar with their social media team insulting people on Twitter – and the post has received numerous Reddit awards, possibly because of the insults, as well as the sheer comedy of the post. Given that new subscribers to the subreddit seemingly receive a message which says “Welcome, B*tch”, it looks like dbrand are taking a similar approach to customer relations, banking more on the meme factor than on positive word of mouth.

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