Online Store Listing Hints at Resident Evil: Village Multiplayer

Has One of the Showcase’s Announcements Been Spoiled?

January 21 brings the Resident Evil Showcase, and we couldn’t be happier. This year will bring a new movie that may make up for how bad the previous one was, a new game that looks to be fantastic, and tomorrow’s showcase will hopefully show off some new footage from both, as well as give us some insight on what else Capcom have Hubbling, Bubbling, Toiling and Troubling in their cauldron, and one thing that might be announced – at least, if Steam now listing the game as being multiplayer is to believed – is a multiplayer mode for Resident Evil: Village.

Now, Resident Evil is no stranger to Multiplayer. Games as far back as Resident Evil Outbreak have featured multiplayer in some form, ranging from the divisive Resident Evil: Resistance to Resident Evil 6’s take on Mercenaries mode, which was arguably better than the game itself. Despite its numerous DLC, Resident Evil 7 eschewed a multiplayer component, but it looks like Resident Evil 8 – which brings the former’s style and gameplay to a more open location – might be bringing it back.

Capcom have kept their lips sealed about the details, but the good thing is that we don’t have long to wait – the most likely place for an announcement would be the 25th anniversary showcase – especially since the Steam page was updated just days before.

So what would a multiplayer mode look like? Well, it could be something akin to traditional mercenaries, but how would the game take into account the vastly different skill levels of Chris and Ethan? Perhaps the game will harken back to Resident Evil 5, with a co-op version, or even give players the option to take on a more monstrous form and hunt other players down in matches? Hopefully, tomorrow will bring some answers.