New Insects Added in the New Grounded Update

Let Me Tell You About the Birds and the Bees

The new Grounded update is out and players will be seeing some new neighbors. Spoiler alert: some of them really suck. There are three new insects you will have to share your yard with, and yes, one of those species are the mosquitos. Another is the firefly. Fireflies of course are seen at night. Not only do they help light up the sky, but they are attracted to dew drops and sources of water, so they can help you out if you are short on water.

Grounded Update

The third new insect are bumblebees. Bees are a busy sort of insect and as they fly from flower to flower, they accumulate pollen on their legs. That said, if you are in need of pollen, just find a bumblebee and slay it, you heartless monster. Killing bees is not without consequence though. Other bees will take revenge for their fallen worker. With new insects comes new craftable items. Killing bees will give you parts to make bee armor, as well as a spear from its stinger. Mosquito parts can create a rapier from its stinger, which can heal players with each successive hit. Mosquito blood packs can also be crafted into a healing grenade for you and your friends.

The firefly is also useful for crafting. Since it is a natural source of light, players can make headlamps from them. That way, when you are getting killed by a terrifying spider at night, you can see it. Obsidian Entertainment has made a short video showing us all the improvements and changes coming with this update. Grounded is out now for PC, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X.

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