Monster Tale DS Coming to Modern Consoles

Nintendo DS Title Monster Tale Getting Re-Released

Majesco Entertainment has officially confirmed that it’s working on a modern port of the Nintendo DS title Monster Tale. This port of¬†DreamRift’s 2011 DS title will be released on modern platforms, though Majesco has yet to confirm which platforms specifically. The title will be re-released later this year but Majesco Entertainment hasn’t confirmed a release window. Monster Tale is currently only available as a Nintendo DS exclusive, but more gamers will be able to get their hands on it later in 2021.

Monster Tale is a combination of genres, bringing together platformer and virtual pet elements. The story focuses on a young girl named Ellie who’s stuck in a Monster World with a monster friend who helps her along the way named Chomp. The two work together to free Monster World of the dastardly”Kid-Kings” in an effort to find Ellie a path back to the human world. The sprite-based pixel art style has a brilliantly vibrant colour pallet that is sure to translate well to modern-day consoles.

The artistic style of Monster Tale is sure to translate well when it’s re-released for modern consoles with how many other titles continued the sprite-based pixel since the Nintendo DS release of Monster Tale in 2011. Considering 2021 is the ten year anniversary of Monster Tale’s Nintendo DS release, it wouldn’t be surprising to see it release around the 10-year anniversary in March. Monster Tale generally reviewed positively when it released for the Nintendo DS but it will likely reach a whole new audience when it re-releases later this year.

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