Mediatonic Working on Bringing Fall Guys to New Platforms

Falling Onto New Platforms

Fall Guys was a surprise hit. The game puts you in the shoes of a jelly bean-esque competitor in an infuriating Takeshi’s Castle-esque game show as you vie to be the last bean standing.

The game’s simple premise is bolstered by a wide variety of rounds, like the hated See Saw, each of which is randomly selected in each match. This, coupled with the fact that you’ll be facing dozens of other online competitors, means that every game will be unique, and surviving to the end of one match doesn’t mean that you’ll make it past the first round of the next.

Still, the game’s only available on the PlayStation and PC right now, much to the disappointment of avid Xbox and Switch fans, but it looks like that might be changing, as developers Mediatonic are reportedly looking into bringing the madness to both platforms.

“We haven’t said much about the roadmap for this, but what we can say is we want this to reach as many people as possible,” says Mediatonic co-founder Dave Bailey, in an interview with “We want it to come to every major platform, and we’re working hard to achieve that.”

Also in the works is crossplay, allowing players to connect with each other across platforms at any time, which will no doubt help ensure that matches without a full 60 competitors are a rarer occurrence than they are currently.

We don’t have a roadmap for this quite yet, but given that it’s in the works we can hopefully expect an announcement at some point soon with some dates, or at least a rough timeframe. Just be prepared, Xbox and Switch gamers; PlayStation and PC owners have had months to perfect their techniques for some of the hardest levels out there – so don’t be surprised if See Saw is your (initial) downfall.

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