Dragon’s Lair Getting The Arcade1Up Treatment

Play It The Way Your Forefathers Did

Arcade1Up has been bringing back a parade of cabinet classics for a few years now. Players with a hefty hunk of cash burning a hole in their pockets can bring a little of that authentic arcade energy to their living rooms. Or their garage, or wherever one of these massive machines can actually fit. Soon, the 1983 classic Dragon’s Lair will be available as well.

Dragon's Lair Arcade1Up

Released way back in 1983, Dragon’s Lair is an interactive Don Bluth animated film famous for its difficulty. Survival required split-second reflexes and perfect timing, as well as loads of memorization skills. The upside was that the game was (and still is) totally gorgeous. Bluth’s animation is perfectly fluid, offering an unmatched graphics experience for the era. The cabinet even comes with Dragon’s Lair II: Time Warp, as well as Space Ace. It’s the complete Don Bluth arcade meal deal!

The cabinet isn’t out quite yet, but you can have Arcade1Up let you know when it’s available. They’ve also got a few more cabinets cooking, in case Dragon’s Lair doesn’t appeal to you. For example, the Killer Instinct cabinet has the original game, the sequel, the Battletoads arcade version, and even Battletoads/Double Dragon as a bonus! With enough liquid capital, you could pretty much build your own retro arcade!