The Medium Shows Off Ray Tracing and NVIDIA DLSS

This Creep Factor is Gonna Be Hard to Beat

We all knew The Medium was going to be a spooky, spooky game–it has Akira Yamaoka working on it, after all–but with the addition of real-time ray tracing support, it’s ascended to a whole new level of fear. Video games don’t need Triple A-level graphics to scare the pants off you, of course, and there’s more than enough gorgeous indie games out there to prove it. However, we can’t deny that the moment we laid eyes on this new RTX trailer, our hearts started beating a little quicker. Those reflections on the glass… the way the shadows shift with movement… it’s all too much. By which we mean, we kinda wanna roll ourselves up in these visuals, except this is still a horror game and we suspect hugging it would give us tetanus. Check it out for yourselves.

According to the press release, “The Medium will utilize the full potential of the latest version of the Unreal Engine 4, alongside Microsoft DirectX Raytracing and NVIDIA DLSS technology at launch, to deliver stunning real-time ray tracing reflections and shadows to showcase one of the most graphically immersive worlds and most ambitious projects from Bloober Team. With the latest tech and support from NVIDIA, The Medium brings fresh ideas and unique gameplay, all with petrifying ray-traced visuals powered by DLSS throughout the horror game’s mind-bending challenges and eerie puzzles simultaneously in two realities.”

Between this and the 14-minute gameplay teaser revealed recently, we’re getting more than hyped for The Medium‘s release date. What can we say? This game just looks chilling and visually spectacular. And with Yamaoka doing the score? Yeah, it’s pretty high on our wishlist for 2021. Here’s hoping that it plays as good as it looks.

The Medium will be released for PC and Xbox Series S|X on January 28th, 2021.

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