Ryan Reynolds In Talks For Live Action Dragon’s Lair

Airing On Netflix Of Course

Don Bluth has been trying to get a Dragon’s Lair film off the ground for ages. Now it seems like he’s sort of getting his wish. Ryan Reynolds and Netflix are (maybe!) teaming up with Bluth to create a live action adaptation of the classic 1983 arcade game.

Dragon's Lair Live Action

Don Bluth and Gary Goldman are acting as producers, along with Vertigo Entertainment and Underground Films. Between them, Netflix, and Reynolds, it seems like there’s a terrific amount of talent at the helm. This just leaves the usual big questions, like will this be a good adaptation or a terrible one? Recent trends (Detective Pikachu, Sonic) suggest that it might not be?

Okay, so the film is currently in pre-production, which means that all of the information listed above is subject to change at a moment’s notice. Still, Netflix movies have this habit of quietly getting completed, while so many other movies languish in production hell for a decade or more. Even though this is most definitely not the animated feature Bluth and company were dreaming of for so long, perhaps it will still be a proper tribute to the source material. At least Reynolds has the comic sensibilities needed to play a hapless hero adept at being murdered repeatedly.