Final Fantasy 7 Remake’s Physical Copies Could Be Arriving Late Due to COVID-19

If You’ve Pre-Ordered a Physical Copy of Final Fantasy 7 Remake Then Expect Delays

Square Enix said on Friday that the delivery of physical pre-orders of the upcoming Final Fantasy 7 Remake could be delayed because the coronavirus pandemic is affecting delivery services.

Final Fantasy 7 Remake

“As you will be aware, many countries are limiting entry or closing their national and state borders and restricting the distribution and delivery of non-essential items,” Square Enix stated. “Understandably these restrictions are being implemented so that essential items can reach their destination as fast as possible.”

“This does not mean that box copies of Final Fantasy 7 Remake will not be dispatched, it just means that we cannot control the date the game may arrive,” the company added.

However, when it comes to pre-order copies from the Square Enix Store, the company said that it’s “currently making arrangements to ensure that pre-orders from the Square Enix Store reach you by April 10.”

The statement also advised those who’ve pre-ordered the game from other stores to “check their websites for the latest information about the status of pre-orders, as well as pick-up and/or delivery information.”

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