Super Smash Bros. Ultimate Shows Off Sephiroth DLC Next Week

We’re Still Not Over Sephiroth Being in Smash Bros

Yeah, we just wrote a whole article about Sephiroth being announced for Super Smash Bros. Ultimate, but we do have an actual update. Namely, the announcement that we’re all getting our first in-depth look at Sephiroth as a DLC fighter next week, when creative mastermind and director of Smash Bros., Masahiro Sakurai, will be having a presentation to show the new arrival off. The presentation will be held on December 17th at 2pm PT (5pm ET). Everybody loves Sakurai’s showcases–they’re always a huge event and also just really in-depth looks at what we can expect from new additions to the roster.

It feels odd to describe a gaming legend Sephiroth as ‘new’ and put him in the same category as brand new characters like Min Min from Arms. We mean, Sephiroth is two years older than Super Smash Bros. as a franchise. We’re definitely wondering which parts of his history in Final Fantasy VII, its expanded universe, and a myriad of crossover appearances the Smash incarnation will draw on, but maybe the real question is why it took him so long to get here.

That’s great to hear, but it’s not the only Sephiroth-related announcement we have to share. Sephiroth has also been added to the massive Super Smash Bros. Ultimate character mural–in the only place he could possibly go. As this gif shows, Sephiroth will be taking up the spot right next to Cloud. The two fighters will be portrayed almost back-to-back. Now that’s a pose with a lot of implications, especially if we consider the way Final Fantasy VII REMAKE appears to be changing their character dynamics. Will Sephiroth players have the option to offer Cloud players their hand? Will Cloud players have the option to take it? Probably not, but we can dream.

Sephiroth will descend to the Smash arena as DLC sometime in December 2020.